Freedom Training Group conducts only official Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons License (Kentucky CCDW) classes.  Our state-certified instructors assist Kentucky residents in fulfilling the training requirement to begin the application process for CCDW licenses issued by the state of Kentucky.

FTG conducts its Kentucky CCDW classes at our offices in Hurstbourne.  The live fire segment of the class is conducted at a private shooting range in the metro Louisville area.  Mobile Training Teams can deliver a Kentucky CCDW class to your location provided it is suitable for meeting all state and FTG requirements.

Kentucky CCDW License classes are open to law-abiding U.S. Citizens and lawfully admitted resident aliens over 21 years of age regardless of state of domicile.  However, the Kentucky State Police issues CCDW licenses only to qualified Kentucky residents.  Applicants seeking to apply for a Kentucky CCDW license must meet all qualifications as set forth by statute.  Non-residents may attend the training course, but it is each non-resident’s obligation to determine whether this course will satisfy training requirements for a concealed carry license in his/her domicile state.

Instruction covers federal and state law, basic firearms safety, pistol and revolver nomenclature and function, maintenance and marksmanship.  A 25-question written examination, handgun cleaning exercise, and 20-round live fire qualification follow the presentations.

While there are no training prerequisites for the Kentucky CCDW License class, if you need to learn gun-handling fundamentals, basic marksmanship skills, maintenance procedures, or acquire hands-on shooting experience before attending a CCDW class, consider attending basic pistol training.  FTG offers these programs and can accommodate people with special medical issues.  Please call FTG at 502-994-3540 for details.

Cost of Kentucky CCDW License training is $75 per person plus a $10 range fee.  A separate registration form must be completed by each person.


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