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Freedom Training Group LLC is a Louisville, Kentucky-based association of nationally certified instructors specializing in the responsible and legal use of firearms for personal protection and home defense. We offer Kentucky CCDW classes and other basic and advanced handgun, rifle and shotgun courses for the beginning shooter or experienced firearms enthusiast. Our instructors teach people to incorporate firearms into real-life defensive situations, as well as strategies to avoid victimization by criminals that increase the odds of surviving criminal encounters or violent events.

As the exclusive firearms training partner for Cabela’s Louisville, we conduct Kentucky CCDW and many of our courses at the store located at 5100 Norton Healthcare Blvd., Louisville, Kentucky 40241. Our seminars, classes, shooting clinics, and private coaching lessons can be exported to your location when the facilities are appropriate to the subject matter.


Freedom Training Group has partnered with Cabela’s and other area businesses to present a series of safety, crime prevention, and educational seminars at the Louisville store. These seminars are not firearms instruction courses nor do they include instruction in physical combat self-defense. If events in today’s dangerous world cause you to worry about the safety and security of those you care about, alleviate your concerns by attending one of these seminars, which are FREE and open to the public. Call us or view this page for dates or more information.

For specific information on our firearms, personal protection, and home defense programs, visit our training directory page or call 502-994-3540 for information.


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